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Source of inspiration for wonderful poems, songs and paintings. Santorini has inspired many mythological stories and many films... Pole of attraction and point of report for people, from all cultures of the world, seducer for those who have visited and stayed at the island. Sweet piece of the heart and the memories of those who have always wanted but never could... Makes everyone wonder… Until the time they visit it!

 The journey to Santorini begins before you take a step at the Red ground of Thira. For this destination the ship travel is
recommended, instead the airplane one. Twenty minutes before the ship arrives at the port, go to the rear part of the ship and enjoy the sea breeze, the enormous vertical rocks and your entry in Santorini… It is a remarkable experience that deserves to have and a sign of those you are going to live in Santorini…


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How to get here
Flying from Athens:
Olympic Airlines: (+30) 210 9666666
El.Venizelos: (+30) 210 3530000
By Ferry from the port of Piraeus
Piraeus port telephone::
(+30) 210 4226000-4,
(+30) 210 4511310-17
Useful telephones
Airport: (+30) 22860 28405
Port: (+30) 22860 22239
Police: (+30) 22860 22659
Health center: (+30) 22860 23123
Bus station: (+30) 22860 25404 © 2008-2009 | Contact | Find us on

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