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Fira,proudly lyies between the sky and the sea, and is the capital of island. There are two different explanations, about the name of Fira. The first says about a paraphrase of ancient name of island, Thira and the second is related with the word
"pyrros" (on fire), which is also, in the local dialect, said as "fyrros".

 Fira were founded in the dues of 18th century and have been built according to the characteristic traditional architecture oF Kyklades. The paths across the centre of the town are narrow and the houses are white, small, with domes and many small window at the side of the sea. A particular characteristic of the houses in Santorini, is the fact that the flat-roofs become balconies in the next houses. You are almost not cable to see the edges of each one!


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How to get here
Flying from Athens:
Olympic Airlines: (+30) 210 9666666
El.Venizelos: (+30) 210 3530000
By Ferry from the port of Piraeus
Piraeus port telephone::
(+30) 210 4226000-4,
(+30) 210 4511310-17
Useful telephones
Airport: (+30) 22860 28405
Port: (+30) 22860 22239
Police: (+30) 22860 22659
Health center: (+30) 22860 23123
Bus station: (+30) 22860 25404 © 2008-2009 | Contact | Find us on

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